Camping equipment

camper’s worst enemy is not snow, cold or mosquitoes, but rain! It can ruin
your stay and turn the experience into a nightmare…

Before you

The first
rule to avoid problems with rain when camping is to go camping with the right
equipment. It is when you buy your equipment that you must make the right decisions.
Buying new equipment can be expensive, so buying second-hand equipment will be
the best solution.

On the spot

Do not go
camping without tarps. In case of rain, a tarpaulin will allow you to build a
fire anyway. Of course, a tarpaulin will also be used to prevent water from
entering the tent. Make sure that the floor of your tent rises to the sides,
including the entrance, otherwise water will enter. For even more protection,
you can put a tarpaulin on the ground under your tent. This will act as a
ground sheet. Remember to fold up the sides so that water running down the side
of the tent is not caught by the tarp.

If it rains
when you pitch your tent, put the tarp over you first, otherwise your tent will
be completely soaked before you finish pitching it.

The choice
of your tent’s location is also important. Locate slopes, hollows, and soft
ground before pitching your tent, it can make a big difference when it rains!
Try to choose the highest spot on the ground, free of debris, so it doesn’t
look like a bowl.

Remember to
ventilate your tent, otherwise simply breathing in your tent will cause
condensation, humidity and small drops to form inside. If you can, choose a
tent model with an awning. Digging a drainage channel around the tent to ensure
that excess water, brought in by heavy rain, goes into the channel rather than
into the tent is a controversial issue. While this is a very common practice in
the event of rain, some campers are opposed to it.

First of
all, because the new tent floors do not allow water to penetrate, even if the
tent is put on top of a large puddle. Secondly, by digging up the ground, you
seriously damage the terrain, which is not very nice for other campers.